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Ransomware scams on the rise!

Ransomware is a type of virus that pops up messages on your screen threatening to cause harm to your system unless you pay. They often claim to be from organizations like the FBI, but are actually scammers.

Don’t panic! And don’t pay! Even if the virus does have the potential to damage your system (often they are bluffing), paying the extortionists is no guarantee that they’ll leave you alone. If you pay them, you’re just funding their next round of malware schemes.

Ransomware programs can be removed either by antivirus software you run, or by a technician for much less money than the scammers are often demanding.

If your antivirus software is having trouble removing ransomware or other viruses, Wallowa Valley Networks can help. Our staff is very experienced at virus removal and system recovery.

Fear is the mind-killer.