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Apple ‘goto fail’ Security Vulnerability

It was made public last week that a serious flaw in Mac OS X Maverick, Mac OS X Mountain Lion, and iOS rendered users’ internet traffic insecure.

The bugs have now been fixed in the latest versions of Mac OS X Maverick, Mac OS X Mountain Lion, and iOS, but users who have not updated to these versions will still be vulnerable. Users of these operating systems should update them as soon as possible.


You can test your Apple OS to see if you are vulnerable to ‘goto fail’ at this website:


Here are some articles with more information on the ‘goto fail’ bug:


“The Moon” Worm Infecting Linksys Routers

Linksys E-Series routers are currently vulnerable to infection by malicious software hop over to this site.

Here is an article with more info:

Moon Worm Spreading on Linksys Home and SMB Routers