Massive Security Flaw — Heartbleed Bug — Vulnerability in OpenSSL

A security vulnerability of epic proportions has been discovered! It affects many web servers and end-user software products, so millions of users have been exposed to security risk from this bug.

Don’t panic! The existence of this vulnerability, despite its severity, does not mean your personal security has been compromised. What it does mean is that users need to take steps to reduce their ongoing risk from this bug.

The bug has reportedly existed for years, but the breaking news will undoubtedly prompt more malicious parties to exploit Heartbleed.

Users! Wallowa Valley Networks urges you to take steps to repair the damage caused by this vulnerability. In the coming days and weeks, major software manufacturers will release patches to fix the vulnerability in their software.

Update your software.

Change your passwords.

And move forward.

More Information on Heartbleed

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