This just in: “password” is still the worst password!

No significant problems due to DNSChanger.

Contrary to predictions of an ‘Internet Doomsday’ occurring today, we’ve seen no problems so far from the DNSChanger malware.

Here is some <a href="http://www read”>background on DNSChanger.

Let’s be glad we don’t live in China…

Beautiful day for tower upgrades!

WVN finished installing a new section and pipe mast on the Wallowa Lake tower last week.

The tower, installed last fall, provides the first and only broadband internet service to the lake area!

This tower is entirely solar-powered!

Wallowa Lake Tower is Live!

We have been running a few test customers off of equipment at our lake tower site for over a week now; customers are seeing speeds of over 5 Mbps!  We hope to be offering standard commercial and residential services there by the end of the month.

Wallowa Valley Networks

With our new prices for 2011 we are able to offer all our customers even better prices and speeds with the same great service you have come to expect from WVN!  Keep watching this page to be the first to hear about our latest developments!

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